In this article, I’m going to give you a solution to avoid referencing when creating a new Object from another Object.

So everyone needs to copy an object into another variable but we don’t need to reference it, we need to create a new object from the copying object. So, on JavaScript & TypeScript languages, we have the option to do that in multiple ways. But we have used the “newObject = {…Object}” thing commonly in typescript. as I found we have an issue with this method. let’s see what it is.

So think we have an object with a…

In the previous article, I show you How to Backup All Databases at Once in MS SQL Server. And in this one, I'm going to show you how to restore multiple databases at once using a SQL Query. as the MS SQL Server Management Studio does not give any option to do that. We need to go through these steps to achieve the goal.

Let's Begin.

As the first step, I will show you the query that you need to use for this task and after that, I will explain the places that you need to change in order to…

This article will show you how to get all file's names in a folder to a text file.

So for some scenarios users need to get all file names that are in a folder at once to copy-paste maybe? yeah, this is a difficult task if we have hundreds of files in a folder. so there is the small command to run in a terminal to get these names into a text file. so lest see what it is

  1. Open the command prompt in the folder that you need to get the file names.

2. Type this command in the…

In this article, I will show you how to backup all the Databases at once that you have in the MS SQL Server using a SQL Store Procedure.

Lots of people who work with MS SQL Server is facing this problem when they try to migrate the DBs to a new server from an old server. SQL Server has no option to backup all the Databases that we have in the current instance at once. So I have to face the same problem and found a solution for that.

After going so many forums on the internet I have finally…

This time I'm giving some instruction for the people who do gaming. And this one is for the players who play League Of Legends on Mac.

So recently I figured out that in mac, League of Legends Client voice chat is not working due to the LOL client is not requesting permission from the mac system. So I had to search all over the internet to see the solution and finally, I found out that we need to grant that permission manually. …

This issue has occurred when I’m dealing with the Zendesk Help web widget. It has a prefill function to prefill the user data to help desk form

I'm writing this because there might be someone whos not aware of this and need this function to do the things that they want in angular. How Ever you might know this function and used it before so, this blog is not for you.
As the title says if you are trying to run a method or do something in the angular component whenever there is a change happened in the component you can use the ngDoCheck() function.

So let’s see what is this and what can we do in this function that.

“DoCheck function is used to catch any…

This article is going to describe what is SimpleChanges, what it can be used and how to use it.

What is SimpleChanges in Angular?

SimpleChanges is an Angular/Core feature that can be used to see the changes and a few more details of the declared property names in a component. And also it needs to be used in the Angular ngOnChange method to see the values changes and to do relevant things.

Simply in the ngOnChange is fire when declared property values are changed. So in that method, we can set this as a param to store the data. …

we have options in Angular to show hide HTML Element using *ngIf and [hidden] so now I'm going to tell what will happen when we use these options.

First of all, I need to explain the problem I have faced to look into this topic.

I had a hidden HTML input element that getting images and I have manually call the click function in a typescript method. So in my application, I have a cancel process that makes the page to its initial step, in there I am trying reset the value of the Input element as below,

(document.getElementById(‘importPhotoFileBrowser’) as…

Getting the data set for a list of ObjectIds or an array of ObjectIds.

In this blog, you will learn how to fetch the data from the mongo DB for a List of ObjectIds or an Array of ObjectIds that has thousands of record in the DB.

Let's see when this function is needed,

let's assume that we have thousands of records stored in the MongoDB collection and we need to get only the records for specific ObjectsIds that we have.
(Ex- for validation of data, we need to get the specific records from the database, not all the data or one data record. …

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